100% Quebec concept


You might be wondering how it works. It's simple. We want to facilitate legal access for Quebec consumers. That's why we not only offer the best prices, but also 100% quality remote service.

Our team includes several lawyers and notaries who share the same values ​​and who work hard to simplify access to legal procedures so that consumers can assert their rights and protect their interests.

All of our packages have been established with one clear objective in mind: to minimize travel and maximize savings for our clients. We offer legal services throughout Quebec since the services are mostly done remotely, and therefore, without travel.

Which regions are covered by Legal Right?

We offer our services everywhere in Quebec whether you are an individual or a company. As all our services are offered online and by phone, no travel is required!

Do we have offices?

Our packages do not require any travel on your part. We have an office in Montreal, but prefer remote services.

I bought my plan on your site, but I found a better price for the same service elsewhere?

It is important to note that you are under no obligation to take our services. We encourage all consumers to choose the lawyer or notary that suits them. That being said, we want to favor access for all. With our guaranteed $50 rebate, we know you've had the best service at the best price. This does not apply to hourly fees.