The notarized will

What is a notarized will?

The will allows you to write your last wishes concerning the distribution of your assets after your death. It is in this document that you designate the person(s) to whom your property will be bequeathed. You can also state each person's share in your inheritance. To ensure that your wishes are respected, the will allows you to appoint a liquidator. The designated person is responsible for administering your estate. It is therefore important to appoint someone you trust. If you want your estate to be transmitted without complications, writing a will is the solution.

A notarized will is usually done in two meetings. During the first meeting, the notary answers all your questions and concerns regarding your inheritance. You will be able to determine who will be your heirs, their shares of the inheritance, the liquidator and all the particularities of your case. Subsequently, the notary will draft your will and it is during the second meeting that you will sign the documents in the presence of a witness.

The benefits of a notarized will

The cost of the will is established by the notary compared to the price of the holographic will (written by hand) or the will signed before witnesses. Certainly, a notarial deed has a higher price, but when we take into account all the legal aspects, we find that a notarial will is much more advantageous.

 A notarized will is the safest will. Your heirs and yourself will have peace of mind, because the notary keeps the documents for life in a protected and above all fireproof place. In addition, the notary publishes your will in a public register which will be easily traceable by your heirs.

 You receive valuable legal advice. Do you know the tax impact of your estate? The notary will be able to explain to you what your inheritance will provide as protection to your heirs. Because it is important to fully understand the impact of his last wishes, the notary will act as an external advisor and guide you through the process.

 The will drawn up by a notary is easily accessible. There Will research will present no difficulty, since your notary takes care of registering your document in the Register of Wills of the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

 The notary clearly writes your will. Indeed, the notary ensures that your last wishes are clearly expressed. While respecting the law, the notary expresses your wishes precisely and unambiguously. He advises you on all the clauses in your will.

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