Best price policy

Legal Law is a property of Legaluber Professional Services inc. and our partners allow you to benefit from the best possible offer.

Indeed, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, you will receive a bonus of $50 by check or interac transfer, and this, in less than 24 hours!

Why are you giving $50?

The answer is simple, we have several partner lawyers who share the same values ​​as Legal Law. They work hard to simplify access to legal procedures so that consumers can assert their rights and protect their interests.

We want the shopping experience to be simple, yet effective. This is why if the prices displayed are not the lowest, we will send you an amount of $50 to thank you for having communicated it to us.

You can then do business with the lawyer you have found while still benefiting from your premium!

How to receive $50?

Easy, if you have found a better price, just contact us and show us the price found. To contact us, simply click here .

**Does not apply to real estate transactions with a notary, and for any file with an hourly rate lawyer.